Video · 11. March 2023
The Dutch travels of the Beatles 1960/61/62 – video of a presentation given by Mark Lewisohn and Piet Schreuders at Fab4Cast’s 10th anniversary live event in Hilversum, Netherlands. March 2023
Video · 27. August 2022
Mark makes a return visit to Word In Your Ear, talking to David Hepworth and Mark Ellen. August 2022
Video · 24. August 2022
Mark appeared live on WGN-TV’s Daytime Chicago talking to hosts Tonya Francisco and Amy Rutledge. August 2022
Video · 30. November 2020
Mark talks to Peter Hooton and Paul Gallagher for On Record: Untold & Retold, exploring black music in Liverpool and the role it has played in the city and communities over the past 70 years. December 2020.
Video · 26. April 2020
During the coronavirus lockdown, Mark spoke to David Hepworth and Mark Ellen about various things Beatles. April 2020
Video · 26. June 2019
Mark was filmed for a short Sotheby’s promo, setting out some stories of the Beatles in 1962 – such a seismic turning-point year in their rise. June 2019.
Video · 31. March 2019
In the same Amsterdam Hilton suite where John and Yoko held their bed-in for peace 50 years earlier, Mark reviews some just-rediscovered footage.
Video · 19. August 2017
Beatles recording lost forever? Mark talks to Geoff Lloyd on BBC Radio 5 Live – and captured also on camera. August 2017
Video · 12. June 2017
At the V&A in London, Mark discusses John Lennon’s writing with actor Jonathan Glew who had just performed the book In His Own Write.
Video · 04. June 2016
In his longest camera interview to date, Mark talks Tune In with talk-show host Conan O’Brien for his show Serious Jibber-Jabber. June 2016

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