Mark Lewisohn often appears on radio and in podcasts; on TV, YouTube, Vimeo and

other video outlets. Here’s a selection of some currently-available recordings.


Mark Lewisohn with Conan O’Brien

In his longest camera interview to date, Mark talks Tune In with talk-show host Conan O’Brien for his show Serious Jibber-Jabber.

Arrive with travelling

The Dutch travels of the Beatles 1960/61/62 – video of a presentation given by Mark Lewisohn and Piet Schreuders at Fab4Cast’s 10th anniversary live event in Hilversum, Netherlands

Nothing Is Real – Mark Lewisohn Returns

After his long Oct 2019 discussion (links below), Mark returns to Northing Is Real to talk many a topic with Steven Cockcroft and Jason Carty, recorded in front of a live audience in Belfast. February 2023 Available on Spotify and major podcast platforms