The Beatles: All These Years

Volume 1 – Tune In

Volume 2 – ?

words for those who ask –



The book IS happening.


The book entails a lot of work.


Tune In took ten years to research/write before it came out in 2013.


Volume 2 is taking longer –


(and volume 3 must follow).


I appreciate that people hungrily want my next book NOW. Thank you.


Believe me, I’m also keen to get it out, so people can continue to devour this most fantastic of true histories,

and so that I’ll be a step closer to completing a commitment that monopolises my life.


But projects like this take the time they need; the work must progress at its own correct speed.


Yes-yes-yes, OK – but Mark, when’s volume 2 coming out?


I don’t know. When I do, it will be announced and you won’t miss it. But it’s pointless to predict it so far out. If you think I could hurry it along, that I’m dragging my feet or twiddling my thumbs (or both at the same time, which would be impressive), please take it kindly from me that you may not understand what’s required.


In the meantime, if you need another fix of the Beatles’ incredible story, I recommend the fullest hit of Tune In 

(the so-called ‘extended special edition’) that still a lot of people don’t know about. It has 1700 pages but you can take it one chapter at a time just like any other book. Some people have read it multiple times, there’s so much in it.


That is the view from here.

Thanks for your interest –

be of good health –

and have patience for the next book, because I'm working on it.