Audio · 09. June 2022
Mark talks to Dr Chris Morrison and Dr Jane Secker about the Beatles’ adventures in the world of copyright. June 2022
Audio · 31. May 2022
Mark was interviewed by Ethan Alexanian about some of his experiences as a Beatles historian. April 2022
Audio · 26. January 2021
Mark interviewed by Kfir Alfia about the Beatles’ unprecedented natural ability to connect with a global audience. January 2021
Video · 30. November 2020
Mark talks to Peter Hooton and Paul Gallagher for On Record: Untold & Retold, exploring black music in Liverpool and the role it has played in the city and communities over the past 70 years. December 2020.
Audio · 22. August 2020
Just before Christmas 2019, Mark was interviewed again by Greg Armstrong for the Australian radio show Let It Be Beatles, this time discussing his Hornsey Road tour, the Beatles in 1969 and other topics. Originally aired in six parts, hear it complete in this podcast. August 2020
Audio · 27. April 2020
Mark answers questions from Nate Wilcox about the Beatles in 1962, year of their initial breakthrough. March 2020
Video · 26. April 2020
During the coronavirus lockdown, Mark spoke to David Hepworth and Mark Ellen about various things Beatles. April 2020
Audio · 01. January 2020
Mark Lewisohn talks to Chris Shaw about the Star-Club tapes, assessing the significant historical value of this usually overlooked Beatles album. January 2020
Audio · 16. October 2019
Second of the two-part in-depth Beatles/career conversation with Steven Cockcroft and Jason Carty, recorded in Dublin, including Mark’s reminiscences of The Beatles Anthology. October 2019
Audio · 08. October 2019
First of two-part in-depth Beatles/career conversation with Steven Cockcroft and Jason Carty, recorded in Dublin. October 2019

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Lewisohn's work stands as a monumental triumph,

a challenge not merely to other Beatles biographers 

but to the  discipline of biography itself. If only all

important subjects had their Lewisohn.

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