Audio · 23. August 2019
Mark is in the studio on BBC Radio 2, talking about the Beatles and his Hornsey Road theatre tour. August 2019
Audio · 30. May 2019
Mark joins Howie Edelson and Stephen Bard for a deep exploration of all things ex-Beatle in 1976.
Audio · 14. May 2019
Mark joins Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller and host Matthew Parris in this edition of the BBC Radio 4 series Great Lives.
Audio · 20. April 2019
Mark joins hosts Richard Buskin and Erik Taros to discuss a lifelong love story, focusing not only on the Beatles’ music but also their personalities.
Audio · 19. April 2019
Mark discusses the Beatles’ lives from January to June 1969 – business issues, drugs, marriages and music.
Audio · 19. April 2019
Mark discusses his full-time job as a writer and researcher of the Beatles’ history.
Audio · 14. November 2018
Recorded at the White Album Symposium (Monmouth University, New Jersey), Mark joins Richard Buskin, Erik Taros and Allan Kozinn to discuss John and Paul’s White Albums.
Audio · 18. October 2018
Mark’s deepest talk, interviewed by Greg Armstrong. Complete in this link and originally aired in four parts in this Australian podcast.

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Lewisohn's work stands as a monumental triumph,

a challenge not merely to other Beatles biographers 

but to the  discipline of biography itself. If only all

important subjects had their Lewisohn.

- Washington Post -